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Privacy Policy

For communications purposes, we collect phone numbers and e-mail addresses from our families. We will not publish this information unless you authorize us to do so. If phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses come into your possession as a leader or parent in this pack, we ask that you respect the privacy of the families. This information is to be used only for communication regarding Scouting. Please do not use any pack information for commercial purposes. Thank you.


On occasion, pictures of your Scout may be taken at pack or den meetings or activities as ways of preserving memories for our Scouts and their families. We will not use these pictures in promotional material about the pack, or on the pack's web site without parental permission. No Scouts will be identified by their full name in pack promotional material or on the web site. If you request it, pictures of your Scout will be removed from pack communications.



All graphics and documents contained within this website are copyrights of The Boy Scouts of America, Northern Star Council, and Pack 512.

It is not our intention to use any material that can not legally be posted. Please notify the webmaster immediately if you believe any copyright has been infringed upon.

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